Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

In order to discover what decorating aspects I love, I have become obsessed with browsing the internet and blogging community for inspiration, DIY ideas, and photos that help me visualize what I want my future space to look like.

My favorite blog is called Young House Love. This really cute couple living in Virgina that blog about their home DIY projects. They have amazing taste and incorporate fun, bright colors into their home.

Another thing that I love is creating inspiration boards like the one below.
I think it is a great way to create my own idea of what a room could look like when I don't see a picture that captures it. And do you notice the adorable rosette pillow? I am hoping to create my own soon like the tutorial here or what about the one here!

My roommate has told me that the ceramic animals are weird, but I am still in love with them and all things white ceramic! I really like the once designed by Jonathan Adler, but for a price of approximately $200 a piece, I think I will stick with a very convincing owl that I found at Burlington.

I hope to do some browsing at the thrift store tomorrow for some fun finds and maybe a trip to the fabric store to start on one of those rosette pillows. My classes on a break for the next week now and I have spring fever and feel the need for a craft project!

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  1. not necessarily weird, just funny! :) love you