Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inspiration from the Weekend

I did go to the thrift store this weekend and had a very enjoyable time browsing. I was also shocked to walk in and find that they had remodeled the space (I don't get to go that often due to class and homework) and I felt as though I had stepped through the doors to a Macy's! Well, not quite Macy's, but it was one spiffy thrift store. I did find some items that tempted me, but since I do not currently have my own space to put everything, I will have to wait until June with the fun purchases that I can refurbish.

I did discover a new blog this weekend, Bower Power. Katie Bower is the cutest mom and DIY-er. It also helps that I love her style and she has such a fun writing style. I spent a good portion of time browsing through photos of her home.

Below is a mood board that I made based on what I currently would love my future office to look like.

I love this light ice blue color! And I have a huge thing for baskets - but who doesn't. I will have to post the before and after of the desk I repainted. Spent most of the night organizing my closet, and yes, I even color sorted my hanging clothes.

I am really looking forward to heading to my home state of Iowa for some time with my family over spring break. I am excited to see my childhood house as my parents just redid the living room. I also love chatting with my mom about decorating! I cannot wait to show her some of my ideas and to check out some of the local thrift stores.

I discovered a new favorite clothing haunt this afternoon. Lands End Canvas - it reminds me of JCrew or Banana Republic, but it seems like they have better sales and generally cheaper prices. LOVE!

I also love this office space. Such a cute print of the Eiffel Tower on the wall. I really like the large desktop and tons of light!

This bright room does incorporate some of that light blue I love. I think I would also like to get a globe. Doesn't everyone want to be able to spin a globe, point their finger at a spot (hopefully you hit land!) and dream of traveling there.

Happy Daylight's Savings Day!

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