Friday, July 29, 2011

The Girls at No. 304

Tonight's the night! My friend and I spent hours hauling all most of our belongings over to our new apartment. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the place since I didn't remember much what it had looked like from before.

Also, major bonus - they just put in new carpet!!! Always the grossest part of renting an apartment in my opinion. So the space seems wonderfully clean just having the peace of mind that the carpet is clean. Tomorrow should be fun trying to determine where everything should be located to as its new "home". I must say the kitchen is lacking on storage cupboards. Unfortunately the stove sticks out to far and renders one of the two drawers useless. Off to find a utensil holder I guess!

Here is the kitchen mid-chaos:

I am really curious to see if I can replace the 1940's handles for something cuter and more updated... The kitchen is probably to most outdated portion of our apartment. However, I am excited to have 1/2 a fridge to fill and part of a freezer! I see a blank spot above the stove just begging for some cute wall hangings.

The difficult part about an apartment is that you are often limited with what decorating advance you can make. We aren't certain whether or not we can take a nail to the wall yet. We may need to get by with those lovely wall hooks with the pull-y tabs. All the white space is making me anxious to do some crafts.

This is the dining area where we will soon have a table to accompany our two chairs. (Two chairs & table for $10! What a deal!)

Here is a view of the living room from the kitchen. You can see a bit of our balcony. We cannot wait to get some plants to spruce up it up! And some patio furniture -- but with no couch or real bed frame yet, that isn't exactly a priority.

The bedroom is actually going to be a great size for our two twin beds. Unfortunately I need to slim down my closet usage and find a dresser for some of my clothes. I went from being spoiled using two closets to half a closet... A good reason to finally get rid of some of those clothes I never wear but cannot seem to part with.

I'm very excited to bring over my bathroom stuff tomorrow. I went with a yellow (which I prefer to call pineapple) color scheme (with pink mixed in, of course) at my current apartment. I'm anxious to see how it all looks in the new bathroom, especially once we get the shower curtain hung.

Tomorrow should be a fun day of organization! Too bad I don't have an unlimited decorating fund. I'm anxious to see what can be done with the place though. Don't blame me if I stick to the basics though ... I have to answer to management if they don't appreciate my "additions"!

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  1. Yay! So excited for you girlies! Were you able to move in the table today? I'd LOVE to craft with you sometime!