Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arriving Soon

An aspiring home decorator's dream come true - a "Home Goods" store coming soon to the area. Yes, I am pumped & have begun to mentally create a budget for browsing the store. I have never been to the store before but have seen such amazing finds from others.

I also embark on a new decorating canvas this weekend. A new, but smaller apartment, will soon be mine for the decorating (and living in). Looking at my packed boxes makes me gape at how much stuff one person accumulates.

All this potential for new decorating has made me antsy to splurge for the Holy Grail, in my opinion, of decorating books - "The Book of Decorating" from the editors of the former Domino magazine.
I am looking forward to finally putting my new KitchenAid mixer to good use. It was an amazing graduation gift from my parents and it has been sadly sitting in a box for the past couple months. Oh, the possibilities...

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