Saturday, October 22, 2011

Aren't You Charming

This summer I was trying to think of something more personal I could give to one of my girlfriends with her engagement gift. I came up with these wine charms. 

I went to Michael's (yes, I love this store for craft supplies) and purchased some earring rings or they might be called charm hoops. 

I found some bead strands that had a couple different color choices. Since the point of wine charms is to, yes, make the glasses look cuter, but also distinguish which glass is yours, it's important that there are multiple color options.

The ones I made for my friends were actually from these smoother beads. Just add as many beads to each ring as you think look good.

Once you've added the beads to the ring, bend the end just a little so it will hook in the loop at the other end. You can see this better in the first picture.

Now, add to your wine glasses & enjoy your favorite bubbly! So simple & cute, also customizable. 

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