Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Rosette Wreath DIY

You might recall my Wreath Wrap Up from a few weeks back. Well, I took some inspiration from the wreath below & created my own version for fall.

I purchased three sheets of felt for $0.20 each. It took me about 20 minutes to decided if I wanted white & two orange; or white, orange & brown; or deep purple... I'm not good at making these types of simple decisions.

I then LIGHTLY drew a swirl on the felt that I had cut into different sized rectangles. 

Next, I cut along the line to get these fun curls. 

Next I started winding from the outside in. The middle of the swirl is hot glued to the bottom in order to hold it all together. You can head on over to stelabird for a better explanation of how to create the rosettes. 

I also got a orange ribbon, grapevine wreath, & a wooden craft jack-o-lantern. I took the eyes & mouth off the jack-o-lantern & turned him into a fall friendly pumpkin with a bit of paint & some stenciling. 

I'm very pleased with the final result! Like?

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