Monday, October 31, 2011

Spicing Things Up

I love cooking with different spices, but find that the more "exotic" spices (like cardamom or coriander) are less expensive when I buy them in pouches. However, the resulting problem then is that I have messy pouches of spices.

After much searching for an inexpensive choice that would do a good job of hold my spice & shaking them out, I found this pack of IHARDIG spice jars (4 for $3.99) at IKEA.
I was excited to find a cheap solution, but found I had another problem. I'm not that familiar with my different spices and these jars had no simple way to label them. So... my craftiness kicked in.

I took some of the chalkboard paint I had leftover from my chalkboard frame and painted a stripe around the outside. I used blue painters tape as a guide.
Now I can change the labels on my jars as often as I change spices. Or maybe even use the jars for crafts later.

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