Sunday, August 14, 2011

Proud as a Peacock

I wouldn't call it a theme, but peacocks have been an inspiration behind putting together some ideas for a bedroom design. I like the combination of blues and purples while maintaining a look of sophistication. I think a peacock inspired bedroom would be so gorgeous. You even have flexibility with throwing some hues of green into the room. And, yes, I added shoes to my mood board.

When decorating a space, it's often a good idea to pull inspiration from nature when you're uncertain on what color combinations would go well together. What better way to determine whether colors go together than following the guide set by God, the ultimate Designer! 

It is also helpful to find one piece that you like and base a room's design off that item. Sherry & John of Young House Love have based their home off the colors of a napkin they found & affectionately named "Sue". 

I also have a fun activity for you to do! Check out this style quiz here to figure out what your decorating style is. While not always accurate, I always think its fun to take quizzes. I'm pretty happy with my results:

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